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Our Term of Service

Brightwork Research and Analysis stores two types of data. One is emails that are collected through a form that website visitors fill out asking to be contacted about research and consulting from Brightwork. Another is information communicated to Brightwork Research and Analysis which is information from the field on the policies of software vendors and other project related information which is private.

All such data arising from such communications is kept private. Brightwork does not trade, sell or otherwise disclose information that it receives. In some cases, articles are published based upon information communicated to us, but this is only after the source has approved the publication of such information and after it has been sanitized to remove the markers of its origin.

Brightwork has a number of relationships, but no formal partnerships with any entity.

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  • Interested in Accessing the World's Largest Independent Source of Intelligence on SAP?

    We operate as a true research entity and we only sell research to customers in a way that does not interfere with research and we produce no media for any vendor or other entity.

    The Benefits of Our Approach to You

    This gives us the following benefits to our clients:

    1. No Interference from SAP: We are disconnected from SAP, and unlike either Gartner, SAP Consulting Partners or SAP itself can tell our clients the truth. Unlike almost IT analysts that rely on SAP for lead generation, we don't care what SAP thinks about our results.
    2. No Implementation "Seeking" Bias: We do not seek implementation business, and therefore lack the pro-application bias of consulting companies when performing and providing analysis.
    3. A Multidimensional Analysis: It begins with two decades of SAP implementation experience, 10 years of writing and analyzing SAP, application testing, benchmarking, document analysis, information gathered from our large network of SAP users and overall "knowing" how SAP works from development up through marketing.
    4. Our Track Record on SAP: We have a 10 year track record of outperforming any other entity in our coverage of SAP and in predicting what will happen with SAP's products. In our study on SAP's accuracy, we measured both our accuracy along with SAP's accuracy, with our accuracy verifiable through links to our articles where we made our predictions.

    Our SAP Research Areas:

    1. SAP Applications
    2. SAP Databases
    3. SAP Licensing
    4. SAP TCO
    5. SAP Partner Consulting Practices
    6. The SAP Partnership System

    To Access All of This

    Just fill in the form below. Once we learn the scope of your SAP research/question, we will provide you with a fixed fee SOW.