Software is our expertise. We have been evaluating implementing, troubleshooting, and generally working with business software for over 15 years. We come to training from a consultive rather than training background — so our service is highly differentiated versus what our customers are often accustomed to. This training is both user training as well as for those that make purchase and implementation decisions on software. We can explain entire categories of software to improve decision making.


We offer on site customized software training in the Phoenix, AZ area. We cover a wide variety of business software that your business probably uses – making us a great value.

Our Intelligent Mobile Approach

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We are a 100% mobile service and we come to in your business in our road ready Software Decisions commercial van. This means that you save time because we take all the transportation issues off the table. So no matter where you are in Phoenix, or even a bit outside of Phoenix, we can support your training needs.

Why Mobile?

First of all, being mobile is more convenient for our customers, as we can provide training at your site – so your staff do not incur travel expenses or more time away from their jobs outside of the actual training.

Secondly, our focus is training in your environment — that means with your systems and on site. We are not offering a “classroom” environment or orientation — our training is 100% focused on getting the most out of your specific set of applications, not only individually, but as a cohesive group. For this, there is no replacement to being at your place of business.

Computer Training

Typically all we need is one of your conference rooms to conduct training. We train using our applications to illustrate principles as well as your applications. It is a very flexible approach that works. We can train variable sized class — from classes of three or four to classes of 15. Because of the complex nature of software, we typically do not recommend class sizes larger than 15.  

Why Customized Training?

This is a very important question. First off, it should be understood that most software training is “canned.” That is the training is the same per class and student. This is good for understanding an application in depth, but is not good for understanding how to use a combination of systems and not good for understanding how to leverage the software along with the business process. However, these are some of the major opportunity areas with respect to business software – and they are generally not well addressed by current training options. We are one of the very few options for customized business software training, and all of our training is customized. In fact, the lack of this type of training is what promoted us to start this business, because we know the real training needs and opportunities within companies. Its rare to find a company that is getting anywhere near the value they could obtain from their software, so we question the one sided approach to software training.

Unlike most training where the trainer explains how the software works without having an understanding of the company’s environment, we spend time understanding your software and process environment so our training is highly relevant to you, provides maximum benefit and can be quickly applied. In fact, you should expect a fast payback on your expenditure on our training because of both our expertise and how our training has been designed to be specifically applied.

Training Material

We generate custom training material for each session, but we also bring a large amount of supporting content to your company.

  1. Website: We have one of the largest and best websites in our training areas which has over 1200 articles that we weave into the training sessions and the supporting material. The links we provide to your staff are always available to be followed up in more detail between training sessions or after the session is complete.
  2. Books: Our published books (we currently have 15 titles with more on the way) are also used to support the training, so that all of those that attend the training are left with significant content after the training session is complete.


Our books and website are both based upon many years of real world and practical consulting experience. In our topic areas we have seen what works and what does not work, and we bring this approach to our training.

Software Categories Covered

We offer training for a variety of mission critical software. We work at the application level, so we do not do databases or networking, but we do most of the software above this that companies have. Our areas of expertise are the following:

  • Microsoft Office
  • Mac or PC
  • ERP (both big and small)
  • CRM
  • Business Intelligence
  • PLM/Bill of Materials
  • Forecasting
  • Supply Planning
  • Production Planning
  • Financial
  • Vendor Specific (SAP as well as many best of breed applications)

As you can see, this is a broad number of categories, within each there are often many applications. You may have many training needs, but we can customize your training around the your highest priority area.

Making an Appointment with Us

Our training is based upon interacting with you and your company, so if our training seems like a fit after a phone conversation, we like to schedule a short face to face discussion. There is no charge for this first meeting. From this meeting we will develop a general outline and an initial estimate. We know you and your staff are busy, so we can schedule an appointment in the next few days or the following weeks after you call.

Calendar Small

Get onto our calendar by contacting us. We can help you with getting more from your business’ software in multiple ways. 


Our training is customized based upon specific needs. We can provide single training sessions or multiple training sessions. They can cover a narrow or broad area of subject matter. After discussing with you we can provide you with several quotes and you can choose the one that matches your budget. We typically bill per work item rather than per hour. This way you know what you will pay rather than having overruns from a billable rate (which happens to be a common problem in this industry). Generally our training is much less expensive that what a software vendor would charge. With reasonable cost, relevant to you environment, top level internally developed export content, these are all great reasons to find out how you can better leverage your software investment.

Call Us at (800) 283-2133

The Online Part of Software Decisions

We do more than just provide training, we also perform detailed analysis of business software that is available online. This is critical information that improves enterprise software decision-making. We provide online analytical products for the following areas:

  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Software Costs
  • Software Selection
  • Project Costs/Implementation Risk
  • Total Solution Architecture Cost Comparisons (Tier 1 ERP Versus Tier 2 ERP, Tier 1, ERP Versus 100% Best of Breed Solutions)

Learn more about the Software Decisions online offering by simply selecting the other tabs on the page and by selecting the “Analytical Products” drop down off of the menu above.

Highly Quantitative

Our research gets into the most detail in the field, allowing our customers to estimate the costs of new software, the implementation as well as maintenance of software.

100% Buy Side

Unlike most IT analysts, we get into a great deal of detail, and we are 100% buy side, in that we take no money from, and do not solicit business from software vendors. The SCM Focus Press book Gartner and the Magic Quadrant: A Guide for Buyers, Vendors, Investorsexplains the problems inherent to most IT analysts playing “both sides of the fence.” It maximizes profits, but corrupts the media output of these entities. Out financial model is how we can claim to be unbiased.

Our Database

We have developed a database to provide the first comprehensive total cost of ownership estimation database. Our TCO estimations are really total. This is a new approach to TCO for enterprise software which has tended to be calculated on a case by case basis — often at high expense. While this has the benefits of high customization — it also has interfered with the use of TCO. This database is used for our other analytical products as well, and is available to anyone for a modest fee.

This will help in disseminating information that until this point has been kept secret, and has cost a great deal to access — without ever having the confidence that a solid and audible method was being used.

The Benefits

Our software selection, solution architecture, project planning, and TCO analyses cost be far less than if the same TCO study were performed internally for our clients. And, no offense to our clients, but this is our area of expertise.


The fact that we have done this so many times for so many applications means we have standardized the approach and have compared and contrasted our analysis across many applications in ten different software categories.

The Real Story

As we are 100% buy side, we only sell our analytical products to buyers and to investors — and we do not solicit and in fact have no offerings for vendors. This allows us to call them as we see them. All it takes is reading our analytical products one time to know we are providing your with the real story. For example, our Honest Vendors Ratings provide information that consulting companies and IT analysts would never share with their clients.

A First In Enterprise Software

This is the first time this information will be available in a self service form – as SaaS, and from provider without the enormous financial bias of almost all IT analysts or corrupt consulting companies, which are more interested in billing hours than in providing analytical and historical information to their clients. We promise a true revelation.

Analytical Products

Honest Vendor RatingsSoftware vendors rated on innovation, reliability, etc.
Software Selection PackagesIncludes MUFI Rating & Risk, Software Category Analysis & Honest Vendor Rating
Project Planning PackagesInteractive calculator providing FTE, duration, finish date estimates.
Enterprise Software TCO CalculatorsInteractive TCO calculation; software costs, hardware costs, implementation costs & maintenance costs.
Solution Architecture PackagesCost comparisons between different solution architectures.


Shaun Snapp

Independent SAP APO Consultant & Author at SCM Focus
Shaun Snapp is a long time supply chain planning software consultant, author & as well as the Managing Editor at SCM Focus. He focuses on both SAP APO as well as best of breed applications for demand, supply and production planning.

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