Does SAP’s HCP Relaunched SAP Cloud Platform Change Anything?

What This Article Covers

  • False Information on the SAP Cloud Platform Website
  • Leonardo for the SAP Cloud Platform?
  • 1300 Cloud Apps for the SAP Cloud Platform?
  • Are These Really Apps?
  • The Previous SAP HANA Cloud Platform


It has been proposed that the SAP HANA Cloud Platform has been relaunched as the SAP Cloud Platform. Should customers be excited by this development? In this article, we will analyze this question.

False Information on the SAP Cloud Platform Website

The problem is that the SAP Cloud Platform has some false things published on its website.

For example:

Leonardo for the SAP Cloud Platform?

Leonardo is not anything, so it is not true that the SAP Cloud Platform will benefit from Leonardo. But the website states that Leonardo is a major benefit of moving to the cloud.

1300 Cloud Apps for the SAP Cloud Platform?

The 1300 cloud apps that are listed have very light usage.

I already analyzed this previously. Some vendors have complained to me about the effort to create an app for SAP, and how little they get back from creating an app for SAP. On SAP projects no one is talking about “heading out to the SAP App Center,” and after checking the web traffic, the SAP App Center gets roughly 22,000 page views per month, which is low. That means that the SAP app center gets less than 1/2 the page views of the Brightwork website.

Are These Really Apps?

Plus, once one needs to use more than the intro functionality, you go back through the normal process to acquire the application. Therefore, they aren’t “apps.” They are tiny portions of vendors functionality that can’t be used by itself outside of demos. SAP has repeatedly perverted the term “app”. Further evidence is found in SAP calling every workflow in Fiori an “app.” (not an app, a workflow)

The main page of the SAP Cloud Platform website has an alphabet soup of trendy items (IoT, Machine Learning, cloud integration services), all things that SAP has nothing to do with. So lies basically. Looking at this I have been considering adding things I have nothing to do with to my website — breakdancing, quantum physics, high altitude balloon racing. I never thought about straight up lying on my website, but SAP has opened my mind to the possibilities.

The Previous SAP HANA Cloud Platform

I previously critiqued the SAP HANA Cloud Platform as being for both HANA washing and cloud washing.

Reviewing the new incarnation now, it does not look like much different, except the name has been changed and a few things like “apps” have been integrated. Secondly, a consistent problem I have with using HCP or SAP Cloud is that SAP intends to dictate the IDE for development and the languages used. You don’t want this. Again, AWS offers open development languages. SAP’s development advice leads to high expense and low development productivity. This is another reason to steer clear from SAP’s Cloud as they are trying to take their flawed development to the cloud.

SAP has no idea how to develop for the cloud, neither Fiori, oData, etc.. has seen uptake or are respected technically. SAP does not have a single successful cloud product that was not acquired and therefore already cloud.


After analyzing SAP for many years, when SAP relaunches something, I can’t recall the relaunch working. If it bombs coming out of the gate, it bombs in the relaunch and in the re-relaunch.

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