What Information Sources Does SAP Consider Credible?

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This article will explain how SAP determines which information sources are credible for its customers and prospects to listen to.

Background on IT Media

Recently I was told by a contact that IT members in SAP shops has been saying that the information provided by Brightwork should not be listened to because we had an “ax to grind.” We covered this topic in depth in the article Do Shaun Snapp and Brightwork Have an Axe to Grind?

But this leads to a broader topic which is what sources of information do SAP consider credible if obviously, Brightwork does not meet SAP’s “exacting” standards. We expose a lot of tricks and underhanded things that SAP does and prepares everyone from SAP customers and software vendors to defend themselves against SAP, so our work is simply not up to par.

Picked Up in the Mainstream IT Media

This goes to why most of our material is not picked up by the mainstream IT press. For example, one company reached out to us and asked why the article The Real Reason for Under Armour’s Problems with S/4HANA.

SAP funds nearly every media outlet in IT. They report some controversies in SAP, but they do so within very narrow boundaries so as not to offend SAP.

When this company asked why no IT outlet had picked up the Under Armour article, I think we have our answer. Major IT outlets want quotes from sources that limit their criticism within narrow boundaries so that when they publish the article, they do not incur the wrath of SAP, which is reportedly a very strong use of intimidation.

Independent Sources on SAP?

We have analyzed this topic extensively and found there are almost no independent sources on SAP. Everyone seems to lead back to SAP either through direct payment, partnership, etc..

This type of discussion is already well explained by a media critic called Noam Chomsky.

They will use ad hominems rather than addressing the actual points. The more they have to address the points, the worse it is for them. And who is credible according to SAP?

Deloitte, Accenture, ComputerWeekly, Diginomica, Forbes, Fortune — that is everyone they pay. The outlets they pay are credible, the outlets they don’t “lack credibility.”

Who is the Most Accurate Source on SAP?

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