SAP’s Need for a Neuralyzer

What This Article Covers

  • The Benefits of the Neuralyzer
  • Why SAP Badly Needs a Neuralyzer


In the popular 90’s movie Men in Black, the main characters were attempting to protect the population from the knowledge that the world was filled with thousands of aliens who lived among us. In this movie used something called a “Neuralyzer” to erase the memories of those that had seen those aliens.

Why SAP Badly Needs a Neuralyzer

After analyzing a very large amount of statements made by SAP and released through a series of compliant media entities, most on SAP’s payroll, it appears that SAP needs its own Neuralyzer. This is necessary to prevent people from remembering that SAP is constantly making predictions that don’t come true.

In these articles, we get into some of those predictions.

Who is the Most Accurate Source on SAP?

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