Published Information on Consulting Company SAP Implementation Methodologies

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  • The Shortage of Published Information About SAP Implementation Methodologies
  • Problems with SAP Implementation Methodogies
  • Who Provides Some Information About SAP Implementation Methodologies
  • Marketing SAP Implementation Methodologies Versus the Reality


Recently I went looking for the implementation methodologies of the major consulting companies. Strangely, I could not find very much published. So is this simply something that is kept private so that other companies don’t copy this information?

Who Provides Some Information About SAP Implementation Methodologies

Basically the major SAP consulting companies as well as SAP provide very little in the way of information about their implementation methologies publicly. You have to either work for that company or be a client or prospect to receive access to these methodologies.

Problems with SAP Implementation Methodogies

One of the primary weaknesses of all methodologies offered by consulting companies. This weakness is that the methodology that is published is considered more important to help sell business, and as a proof to the prospect the consulting company should be selected rather than a competitor.

SAP implementation methodologies are not written by an implementor like me, but by senior members of the company, administrators, basically people that don’t have to actually do any of the work to meet with ASAP. When I worked on Deloitte’ methodology, there was a great focus to include things that Deloitte could sell into the methodology, which did not have really much to do with creating a coherent methodology as much as it was designed to support sales. I have called the Deloitte SAP implementation methodology the “wish list of things that Deloitte partners would like clients to purchase.”

Marketing SAP Implementation Methodologies Versus the Reality

These SAP implementation methodologies in most cases place an impossible standard upon project managers to cross every T on the methodology. But these things in most cases simply don’t happen on IT projects. If we look at SAP’s ASAP implementation methodology, conforming with all of the areas of ASAP would be very close to impossible.

On every project I have been on, I have never seen all of these forms and templates filled out on any project. Actually, it is impressive if even one can simply find quality functional specification documentation. In most cases the foundational documents are often poorly written or out of date.

Companies are not really willing to pay to have all of these things filled out, and when a project gets behind, the documentation is the first thing to go out the window. So how well do SAP implementation methodologies represent what actually happens on SAP projects. In my view, very poorly.

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