Announcement of Research into SAP Indirect Access

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  • About the Research
  • Research Form for Software Vendors
  • Research Form for SAP Customers


SAP’s application of indirect access is a problem for several reasons, but one is that most of how SAP uses indirect access are kept in the shadows. SAP uses indirect access unevenly, and dependent upon important factors unrelated to what is technically occurring regarding integration on the account. This research is designed to gather and publish more information on SAP’s use of indirect access.

Research Form for Software Vendors

  1. Your Company’s Software Category (ERP, BI, CRM, Non-ERP-Supply Chain, Non-ERP Finance, PLM, UI, Database, etc.)
  2. The Total Number of Times SAP Has Invoked Indirect Access Against You During a Sales Cycle?
  3. The Total Number of Times Your Company Has Been Actually Blocked on Deals Through SAP Invoking Indirect Access. (If your company competes in multiple software categories, please answer this question by allocating the number of times faced by indirect access by category)
  4. The General Response You Receive From the Client After SAP Invokes Indirect Access. (Direct compliance, complaint to SAP, discussion of legal options, etc.)

Form for SAP Customers

  1. The Total Number of Times Your Company Has Been Told You Cannot do Something by SAP for Indirect Access.
  2. What Areas Have you Been Blocked by SAP from Using other Software?
  3. What Was the Charge SAP Applied for Indirect Access Violation?
  4. Did Your Company Seek Outside Help to Fight SAP on Indirect Access?
  5. If the Answer to Question Five is “Yes” What Was the Outcome?
  6. What Did Your SAP Account, Executive Offer to Make the Indirect Access Issue Go Away (Purchasing how many of what license, etc..)
  7. Will SAP’s Indirect Access Challenge Increase Your Company’s Use of SAP in the Future?


Any information that can identify your company is kept anonymous.

These results will be shared as soon as there are enough responses. Your can mail this comments by connecting to me on LinkedIn. 

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