Our SAP Expert Witness Service

What This Article Covers

  • Our Research Focus
  • The Unique Information we Have Published on SAP
  • Our SAP Expert Witness Services

Our Research Focus

  • We are the only research entity that focuses almost exclusively on SAP.
  • We are both a research entity that focuses primarily on SAP combined with many years of SAP implementation experience.
  • Unlike most research entities like Gartner or Forrester, Brightwork is entirely independent in that it takes no money from SAP. We combine this with detailed research into many areas of SAP.
  • As an unbiased entity (for instance that is not both selling SAP consulting projects while also offering expert witness services), we have a 10-year history (although under a different name) of putting out accurate information about SAP. That is a record that few companies anywhere can match. We have broken stories ranging from the actual performance of SAP’s HANA database to estimates of the number of S/4HANA (ERP) implementations. These are stories on which none of the traditional media or research entities saw fit to research or to publish.

Our SAP Expert Witness Services

  • We combine both SAP implementation experience, one of the largest research databases on SAP, along with the experience supporting attorneys in areas ranging from intellectual property to implementation cases. We combine our 24 books along with roughly 2000 articles.
  • Because of our in-depth research ability, we can support attorneys with research directed around the specific case. For example one fertile area we research is case studies for how SAP uses indirect access to customers.
  • Our expert witness service can be anything from verification of exploratory research to supporting lengthy full-time cases.

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