A Guided Tour of Indirect Access

  • There is a quite a bit of complexity contained within SAP’s indirect access and the related topics necessary to understand to understand indirect access.
  • What we have found is that what is necessary is a guided tour.
  • With a guided tour, and information available at any time on indirect access and other SAP subjects, sales people can both learn the topic area and apply it to the specific prospect dealing with indirect access, without having to engage in their own “one off” research project.
  • BIAA membership is a guided tour and is a combination of getting access to the right documents and the right advice. 

Guided Access to Our Articles on Indirect Access

Brightwork Research & Analysis has performed significant research into indirect access and has been the most vocal critic of what SAP has done in this area. Although to provide the full context, there is precious little competition for providing accurate information on SAP.

We have several thousand articles on SAP and related topics and a number of books on SAP to our credit. Our information can be leveraged on different customers and prospects where IA is brought up by SAP. However, one requires guidance to find the appropriate material. And some of the material is private. Overall our material is contradictory to the vast majority of information available on SAP that is pro-SAP.

The Beneficial Outcome: With membership access, you get this guidance as well as the potential for Brightwork to produce future content based on the specific case study (in an anonymous fashion) that are faced by your sales team.