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What This Article Covers

  • Unique Information on Enterprise¬†Software
  • Our History and Motivation
  • How we Arrive at Our Information on Enterprise Software

Unique Information on Enterprise Software

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get accurate information on enterprise software? There is significant censorship in enterprise software. In many cases, we publish information that cannot be published anywhere else.

This has been a continual philosophy to write from the perspective of implementation. Real life implementation is always less ideal than simply what an application is theoretically capability. This makes us, in our view at least, the most realistic outlets of information on enterprise software. While most other sources of information are strongly tilted for the larger software vendors, we treat every vendor the same regardless of their size.

How We Arrive At Out Information on Enterprise Software

  • Primary research such as our detailed studies into TCO, the riskiness of various implementation types, ERP versus non-ERP solution strategies, etc..
  • Reviewing academic research literature.
  • Interacting with software vendors in one of the most distinct ways possible.

We get out storylines that really do not have other ways of getting out through the normal channels.

Our Focus

  • We cover a broad range of supply chain software, business analytics, supply chain aspects of ERP and bill of material management software.
  • Our areas of concentration can be seen at our main¬†home page.
  • If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at the email provided.