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You may have noticed that the articles and writing on this site is different than most?

  • In many sectors of enterprise software, there is poor quality and censored information.
  • Storylines that are important are removed from IT media, or shaped and adjusted away from what is true by those that have the most clout.
  • This has little to do with what is true. It has to do with how well the story conforms to the benefit of the larger entities.


Many times the large IT media outlets will go to a large software vendor’s press conference and repeat items verbatim that they heard at the event. This makes a number of these outlets nothing more than copy machines for the most powerful entities.¬†

These types of trade publications do not follow the normal journalistic or research standards that apply to either standard media outlets much less research entities.


 Entities like Gartner maintain a pay for play system where they move software vendors up or down based upon how much income they can extract from them.

This is the reality of the enterprise software media market, and the are very few articles or books that even describe the issue. The writers at the major IT entities are often easy to fool, as many of those that write on enterprise software have never implemented software or touch the software that they write about.

This is true in software as well as consulting etc… Any area you look, the big entities control the storylines.

Getting Storylines Out

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