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  • SCM Focus performs independent analysis and research on a wide variety of supply chain planning software and IT decision making topics. We have over a 1400 articles in our portal on supply chain planning and IT implementation topics.
  • Many of the articles are quite detailed and cover anything from supply chain planning in SAP APO configuration to forecasting to how to manage consulting companies and how to see through vendor marketing hyperbole.
  • We provide enterprise software decision support. This is based on original research in the areas of ERP management, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), Risk Management, Project Estimation, Managing Gartner and Software Selection. The methodologies for which are explained in our IT decision making series of books.
  • SCM Focus takes no advertising, does not solicit vendors for “advisement services” or otherwise incorporate conflicts of interest. We can do this because we both take no advertising and we are not paid by vendors. This is all described in our Writing Rules.
  • Find out about becoming a client and leveraging our innovative research for improved IT decisions.
  • We also have a publishing company — SCM Focus Press. If you like the articles, you will probably like our books.

Our Focus on IT Implementation

Our articles are written by those with experience in IT implementation who work with the software that they cover. We are one of the sites to describe the bad as well as the good to IT implementations.

We provide behind the scenes information on everything from how IT implementation companies operate to undermine IT implementation success, to the analysis of subcontractor agreements. The articles are focused on practical implement-ability. They must pass editorial standards regarding accuracy, level of detail covered, clarity and realism. Your can read more on this topic at About Us.

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There are two options for how to navigate to the articles.

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Shaun Snapp

Shaun Snapp

Shaun Snapp is the Managing Editor of SCM Focus and the author of an extensive collection of books on supply chain and SAP (select the Google+ button to see the full list). He is an experienced SAP consultant, sales engineer and sales operations resource.

Unbiased advice on SAP is amazingly hard to find! However Shaun is known for giving the straight story. Shaun offers SAP project advice with free (and confidential) 30 minute phone consultations. They can range on topics from project analysis to technology advice to improving the value received from consulting companies.

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Shaun Snapp

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